Icing and bake is a bespoke bakery, supplying high quality, hand crafted bakery products to a network of hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, Social & Golf Clubs, Butchers, Caterers, Pubs, Convenience Stores and to the public nationwide.

We have a talented and dedicated team who develops a wide range of incredible (boutique) creations, from the traditional to the contemporary. We bake everything in our warehouse from muffins and biscuits to a range of freshly baked savoury snacks as fresh as possible.

Our bakery is full of familiar kitchen tools, but on a larger scale, allowing us to hand make all of our products for that genuine, boutique artisanal look and taste. All our products are baked from scratch using ingredients you’d be happy to find at home.

We deliver freshly baked products 5 days a week.


We consider the environment highly in our decision-making, priorities and practices.

The following are our chief considerations:


We monitor our ingredients and packaging to make sure they are responsibly sourced.

We prioritise quality and sustainability when sourcing ingredients, and when possible source from accredited producers to ensure adequate consideration of environmental impact.


To ensure animal welfare we currently source much of our meat, fish and dairy from high welfare sources.


Where possible we pledge to buy locally or UK sourced produce not only to ensure quality and welfare, but also to cut down on CO2 emissions.


To reduce waste we currently produce to exact schedules and recycle or compost much of our waste. What food we have left at the end of each day we distribute through a number of food sharing schemes.